Branding & Identity

Logo / Web Content / Stationary

Rocco Bay

Logo Design

I was asked to reimagine and rebrand the current ‘Rocco Bay’ logo into something that looked more premium, but also stayed true to the existing brand. The intention was to create something fresh and reach out to new customers, whilst also keeping the current clientele happy. The brief was to transfer the existing logo into something more modern, bold, simple and premium. 

The Wormy Apple Bookshop

Online Bookshop - Usborne Books

Logo Illustration

I was commissioned to create an illustrated logo that would appeal to adults and children; a mix between realistic and cartoonish. There are two versions, one with and one without text. I used the font ‘Crayon Crumble’, due to its sketchy, hand-drawn effect. I felt that it was childlike, whilst also looking very premium.

knottie Dottie Crafts

Logo & Stationary set

I created the entire brand identity; including logo, business cards, compliment slip and website. I also helped art direct the imagery used for the social media sites. I established the colour swatches that are used throughout the logo, website and printed materials, by ink dropping colours that are frequently used on the sellers products. I also kept in mind that the colours needed to appeal to a female target audience. The choice was essentially between earthy reds and oranges, or pastel purples and pinks, which I chose the latter.