The Fate of Freddy Mitchell

Andrew Buckley, Tantrum Books

I was commissioned by Tantrum Books to illustrate and design the front and back paperback and ebook cover. My idea was to limit the colour palette mainly to blues, lime greens and burgundy, in order to represent the spooky nature of the novel. The book is intended to appeal to an audience of 10 and over. I designed the font in a sort of hand drawn graffiti style that I hoped would fit the aesthetic of the book and also appeal to a target audience.

McGraves Hotel

Steve Bryant, Month9Books

Month9books commissioned me to create a book cover design that combined the spooky/comedy style of the novel with a 1920’s haunted hotel vibe. Similarly to the ‘Fate of Freddy Mitchell’ cover, I illustrated this in a comic style that would appeal to an audience of 10 and over, whilst using greens and blues to drive the spooky theme. I painted the cover illustration in photoshop, and created the text and layout in indesgin.

The First of Nine

James Barrie, Independently Published

I was commissioned by the author to create a book cover that displays the gritty detective style of the story whilst also representing the backstreets of York, particularly south bank where you would typically find the hexagon patterned pavements. I photographed different angles of the streets and pavements, and then photoshopped my favourite elements together. I painted the images of the cat and bin bags, and also designed the typewritten style font.

I created two versions of the front cover, the second version was instead used for the back cover, and then later used as a poster.


Phillip W. Simpson, Month9Books

I was asked directly by the author to illustrate a specific scene that would cover the entire front and back of the book. I was inspired by the ‘Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban’ book cover.

The blue and green colours are chosen to represent the cold foggy atmosphere of the scene which was picked from the first chapter of the book. The title font was chosen as it heavily displays influence of Greek mythology. The illustration was painted in photoshop, and the test and layout were created in inDesign.


Phillip W. Simpson, Independently Published

This is the redesigned version of the original novel Argos. Self published by the author. It features the exact same scene as before, but illustrated in a darker way, and from a different perspective.


Steven Harper, Month9Books

Commisioned by Month9Books, I was asked to create a cover design that featured the inner-thinkings of an autistic boy/genius. The illustration style was intended to appeal to an audience of 10+. The illustration was painted in Photoshop, with some additional vector elements added in using Illustrator. 


Phillip W. Simpson, Self Published

The front cover features a detailed illustration of a recurring character from the novel, inspired by the Greek mythological creature; Erinyes. The background features samples of screen print and acrylic paint splatter. The colour scheme was intended to represent the heat from the Greek setting.


Phillip W. Simpson, Self Published

The sequel to ‘Titan’ cover, above. The cover design was intended to be reminiscent of the ‘Titan’ cover, whilst also having it’s own identity. The character design is inspired by Greek Mythological creature; ‘Typhon’. In the novel, the character ‘Typhon’ was created from the Earth, so I wanted to use warm earthy tones, whilst also keeping a similar colour palette to the ‘Titan’ cover.


Fan Art. Digital Illustration

Book Covers

Paperback & E-Book. Digital Illustration

Personal Work

Personal projects. Mixed Media illustration

Picture book illustration

Digital Paintings taken from picture books; ‘Over the Rainbow Bridge’, ‘Davey Chicken’ and ‘Weirdo Academy’.

Graphic Novel illustration

A fan-made graphic novel, based on the novel ‘Rapture’, by Phillip W. Simpson.